How Crypto Mining Works?

what is crypto mining

Since the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrencies have been one of the most lucrative forms of investments. This guide will help you understand how crypto mining works and why it’s so important to the blockchain world. Crypto Mining Basics Bitcoin mining is a notoriously energy-intensive process that is used to confirm transactions and add […]

Should my bitcoin be in my portfolio?

bitcoin portfolio

Bitcoin investment has been a roller coaster ride lately. After dropping over 74% in 2018, the currency nearly doubled in price in 2019, only to quadruple during 2020. Investment volumes have also increased as individual investors embraced cryptocurrencies through commission-free trading platforms such as Robinhood. Bitcoin was originally created as a digital, encrypted alternative to […]

How do I track bitcoin?

track bitcoin

The technology provides analysis of the bitcoin addresses on the blockchain in order to track bitcoin. For example, you can identify addresses that are affiliated with an exchange if they perform more transactions than most other addresses in the cluster and have a larger number of bitcoins associated with them than other addresses. Clusters provide […]

Crypto Portfolio Diversification

Crypto Portfolio Diversification

Diversifying your portfolio means you’re spreading your investments across multiple projects. Investing in multiple cryptocurrencies allows you to reduce risk and maximize returns. By diversifying your portfolio, the potential downside of any one coin is minimized if it underperforms, and your gains will increase when more coins perform well. How to Diversify Crypto Portfolio When […]

What is a Blockchain Explorer

Blockchain explorer

First, What is a Blockchain? Blockchain is a peer-to-peer network where each computer on the network is protected by cryptography. Computers on the blockchain use a complex validation process to approve transactions. A block is created with every transaction that is then connected to the one before it, forming a chain. The original purpose of […]

What is a good crypto portfolio?

Young female cryptocurrency trader sitting at desk looking at multiple screens monitoring stock

You’re likely to experience a dilemma when you’re building your portfolio of assets. There are so many cryptocurrencies out there, which one will you pick? As with any investment, there is always a balance. You have to be careful with the risks you take, but you also want to maximize your returns in order to […]

How do you keep track of crypto transactions?

track crypto transactions

If you have a serious interest in cryptocurrencies you need to keep records of every single transaction so you can track its worth over time. Cryptocurrency is on the rise and has already become a ‘growing area’, and many people are now tracking their cryptocurrency transactions. It’s not as easy as keeping track of your […]

Best Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker

Best Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker

SCT Blog: Best Free Crypto Portfolio Tracker Cryptocurrency is here to stay, with 2,300 different coins out in the market and a daily trading volume of $77 billion USD. Cryptocurrency has become a prominent, active market where large investments are made daily. The blockchain technology that supports cryptocurrency is used by top companies like Alibaba, […]

How do I Track My Crypto?

Online trading crypto currency

Your cryptocurrency needs to be taken care of just like any other valuable asset. Whether you have a few coins or a thousand, the following tips will help you keep up with it all. So you used to be really into crypto, but now your head is spinning and you’re not sure what’s going on […]

Crypto portfolio management

Crypto portfolio management

What Is a Cryptocurrency Portfolio? Cryptocurrency portfolio is a simple yet powerful tool that automates the management of your investments in cryptocurrencies. It enables you to track your cryptocurrency investments and monitor the performance of each coin, including real-time price updates. In addition, good software allows you to automate some of your trades. There are […]